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 MiseryCloud's Herb List.

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PostSubject: MiseryCloud's Herb List.    Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:45 pm

MiseryCloud's herb list

Alder Tree Bark: Treats toothache, swelling, pain, and prevents complications. Prevents infection and swelling if chewed and applied to a wound.
Alfalfa: If chewed, prevents tooth decay.
Aloe Vera: The gel inside of the leaves helps cure skin problems and burns. Leaves can be chewed and spit on skin problems and burns.
Ash Tree: New shoots should be chewed and then applied to an adder or viper wound to resist the effects of the poison.
Aspen Tree Bark: Relieves stress and soothes restlessness.
Belladonna: Calms spasms and cramps.
Birthwort: When chewed, induces contractions.
Blessed Thistle: Increases circulation of blood if swallowed.
Borage Leaves: Reduces fevers. All Borage should be fresh never dried. To be chewed and eaten. Good for nursing queens because it helps incrase their supply of milk.
Borage Root: Leaves and roots may be consumed to stave off fevers. All Borage should be fresh never dried.
Bramble Twig: Helps to sleep if chewed into a fine syrup and consumed.
Broken Rosemary Blooms: Heals wounds near the eyes or eyelids; also helps for eye infections.
Burdock Leaves: If chewed, should be applied to a non-infected wound to increase the healing progress.
Burdock Root: This herb cures infection, and is very useful for rat bites that are infected.
Catmint: Treats whitecough as well as greencough. It also helps a cat relax. It is normally found growing in the Twoleg gardens. The best medicine for greencough.
Celandine: Useful for cats with weak eyesight. Rub it on the eye.
Chamomile: Calms a cat. May also add to physical strength. Soothes depression, fatigue, and the heart.
Chervil: The juice is good for infections. If you chew the roots, it may be used to cure bellyache.
Chickweed: Helps treat greencough and blackcough.
Cobwebs: Wrap cobwebs around a bleeding wound and it should soak up all the blood.
Coltsfoot: Use for shortness of breath and kitten cough. Must chew it to a plup.
Comfrey: Comfrey treats broken bones.
Comfrey Root: If chewed and rubbed on a wound, it will clean it, and keep it fresh so it heals faster.
Crushed Pawpaw Roots: If swallowed, it is useful for healing kitten cough.
Crushed Marigold Petals: Prevents infection of serious wounds.
Culver's Root: Use with Feverfew, when a cat takes a dip in some sort of water.
Daisy Leaves: If chewed into a paste, can be a useful cure for aching joints.
Dock Leaves: The leaf can be chewed up and applied to soothe scratches.
Feverfew: The leaves are used to cool cats with temperatures.
Foxglove Leaves: Used on deep wounds to stop bleeding quickly.
Garlic: Rub garlic on a cats pelt and it should remove fleas or ticks.
Goldenrod: Used to treat aching joints and stiffness; also a good remedy for healing wounds. A tall plant with bright yellow flowers. A poultice of this is terrific for healing wounds.
Goldenrod Juice: If placed into wounds it will numb pain; it is a painkiller. It doesn't heal wounds, though.
Grass: Used for upset stomachs if eaten.
Hawthorne Berries: Treats indigestion. They look almost identical to deathberries, be careful.
Heather Nectar: Improves the taste of bitter or bland herbs.
Honey: Soothes infection and, will sooth sore throats if swallowed. As well as good for cats who have breathed in smoke.
Hornbeam: If chewed, good for depression.
Horsetail: Used to treat infected wounds. If chewed, stops infection. Use as a poultice.
Juniper Berries: Given to cats with bellyaches as well as having difficulty breathing.
Lavender: Treats chills. Inhaling the lavender will cure head and throat pains as well as help treat fever.
Lavender Stem: Calms a cat in shock.
Marigold: If chewed into a pulp and pasted onto the wound, it will cure infection.
Marigold Leaves: Dresses wounds.
Milkweed Juice: Used for sores and burns. Poisonous if ingested, do not use around the face.
Mouse Bile: Wash paws after use. This herb helps remove ticks from elders pelts. If you eat it, you'll have a foul taste in your mouth for days.
Narcissus Flower Petals: Used when a she-cat has contractions. Helps soothe their mind.
Peathingy Flower Petals: Helps kitten cough by clearing clogged throats.
Poppy Seed : Used to soothe distress and pain; useful for making a sick cat sleep. Not recommended for queens.
Poppy Flower: Flower heads may be consumed together to stop coughing.
Sacred Root: Used for upset stomachs if digested.
Sage Root: Heals cracked pads. Use with poppy seeds.
Shock Root: Stimulates the nerve system. Use after a cat has been knocked out, poisoned, or head trauma.
Snakeroot - Counters poison.
Tansy (Flower): Eaten to stop coughing. Do not give to a pregnant queen as it will make her miscarry.
Traveling Herbs - Herbs given to cats going on long adventures, such as the Moonstone. Includes: Poppy Seeds - Dulls hunger & pain in paws, Tansy Leaves - Keeps hunger at bay, Crushed Lotus Roots - An energizer to keep you awake, Skullcap Seeds - Gives you extra strength; acts like a steroid
Watermint: Probably the best cure for bellyache.
Wild Garlic: Prevents infection. Rolling in a patch of wild garlic can help prevent infection, especially for dangerous wounds like rat bites.
Yarrow: Makes cats vomit. Useful for expelling poison. Though, if used on an extremely ill cat, it could make them sicker.

Poison DON'T EAT. O.O

Death berries: Poisonous berries that can kill a cat in a matter of minutes. never give to a cat.
Holly (berries) : Poisonous like deathberries.
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MiseryCloud's Herb List.
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