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..Unleash The Wild Cat Within..

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 ohmahgowd, it's morningpaw, aka mouseheart c:

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PostSubject: ohmahgowd, it's morningpaw, aka mouseheart c:    Fri Oct 26, 2012 6:55 pm

Name: Morningpaw
Gender: She-cat
Age[Moons]: 10 moons
Clan?: Dust Clan
Role: Apprentice
Mate: nope nope nope.
Kits: lol nope.

Fur Colour: White all over
Fur type: Long Fur
Eye Colour: Lightish Blue Green
Overall: She has a petite body and is a smaller cat just in general.
She has a light pink nose, and pink pads on her paws.
Her eyes are a little bigger than most cats, and she has long white
whiskers, and a small face shape, and her ears are smaller.

What Shes like:
Morningpaw is shy at first, but when she befriends you, she opens up.
She is sweet, and polite, and a goody-two-shoes.
She's more the solitary type with only a few close friends than a whole group.
She tries hard following the warrior code, and would never disrespect the leader/deputy/elders/queens/warriors.
Morningpaw tries to physiclly fight as least as possible.
Her biggest personallity weakness is she gets bossy. If trying to work something out, she will get bossy and sassy, which often, she gets scolded
for her sassiness, smarty-pants combacks and her side comments.

Battling Technique/Skills/ Weakness:
Morningpaw only being an apprentice is still learning how to fight, and working on her defense.
She seems to be good with balance and she rarley runs out of energy.
One of her bestest skills are running. She is a fast runner, and her ancestors were some of the fastest cats in the forest back past.
Her biggest weakness is being hydrophobic. She is scared to death of water, and she cannot swim.

It's Mouseheart past known as the Medicine Cat of NightClan<3
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ohmahgowd, it's morningpaw, aka mouseheart c:
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