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 Rainpaw and Lizardpaw (DC) and Mosspaw (SC)

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PostSubject: Rainpaw and Lizardpaw (DC) and Mosspaw (SC)   Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:40 pm

Name: Rainpaw
Age: 6 Moons
Clan: DustClan
Gender: Tom
Personality: A very calm cat, he is more of the controlled and level headed type as compared to his hot tempered and hard headed brother Lizardpaw. Rainpaw has more of an affinity for relaxing and lazing around, preferring to do chores around the camp rather then hunt or fight. He doesn't believe in StarClan much at all, thinking his warrior ancestors are more like stories that the Elders make up. The small tom has a few discipline issues, but he knows when to bite his tongue and listen to what his mentor has to say to him. Rainpaw has a good sense of humor and likes to lighten the tension in bad situations, preferring to quell fear and relax others rather then psyche them up for battle. In fact he thinks that psyching cats up for battle makes it more likely for mistakes to happen.
Appearance: A dark tabby tom with red flecks spread across his pelt, he has bright blue eyes, part of his ear is split from fighting roughly with Lizardpaw when they were kits, its a wound that has yet to heal. He has large paws and long legs, short set fur adorns the whole of his body and his long blue tail helps him to keep balance. His tail is sleek like the rest of him, he is the more sleek and lithe type as compared to his brother. Don't mistake him for not being dangerous because of his smaller size, his thorn sharp claws will always be ready to take out anyone who underestimates him.
Biography: Rainpaw and Lizardpaw are both orphaned, they were taken into the Clan by an older queen who deserted the Clan later on. They practically raised each other at three moons and often got into lots of trouble. He had been led by his brother into many attempts to leave the camp, but of course all of them have been thwarted. Rainpaw looks forward to how everything will turn out in the future, obviously hoping to do the best for his Clan.
Family: Lizardpaw (Brother)
Aspirations: To be the best hunter in the Clan.

Name: Lizardpaw
Age: 6 Moons
Clan: DustClan
Gender: Tom
Personality: Lizardpaw is more hot tempered and the bolder of the two brothers, preferring to charge into battle and attack the nearest person, he has a sharp tongue and has many issues with listening. Easily angered and quick to unsheathe his claws for a battle, he would rather fight with his claws then words, which makes him hard to speak with at times. Unlike his brother he likes to cause more trouble and help the Clan by putting fear into the other Clan's hearts, he thinks it would be easier to provide for the Clan if they didn't have to expect battles all the time. He is easily riled up for battles and has an enjoyment for shredding through his enemies and sending them off yelping. A deep loyalty is to his Clan and it is rather unshakable.
Appearance: A taller bulky cat with wide shoulders and lots of muscle, he is stocky in size and much bigger then his brother. He has a short tail and very thick brown fur, he has black flecks with tabby markings on him, making it easy to see him at times. He has large ears and amber eyes that look like they are often burning, large paws with long thorn sharp claws make him a difficult opponent. He has a large pink nose and black pads, his fur is often bushed out making him look like a very big furball.
Biography: Lizardpaw was often the leader of the two brothers, dragging his brother into all sorts of trouble at a young age and fighting often with his brother. Leading Rainpaw into fake battles against SunClan by attacking the elder's tails and the warrior's paws, in other words he was the biggest kit that enjoyed causing trouble. Most of the mentors are a bit more weary of him due to his hostility at times, but Lizardpaw doesn't mean to make other cats doubt his loyalty. He often fights to prove that he is just loyal to his Clan and nothing more.
Family: Rainpaw
Aspirations: To be the Deputy.

Name: Mosspaw
Age: 6 Moons
Clan: SunClan
Gender: Tom
Personality: Mosspaw is kind of cranky usually and doesn't expect much company from most cats. He has a sharp tongue and doesn't like a lot of noise, he much prefers helping around the camp instead of going out on patrol. He is more of a keen hunter then a wiley fighter, preferring to help feed elders and do the apprentice chores rather then think about the prospects of battle. He is a nice cat, but he doesn't show it a lot to anyone, considering he is a bit short tempered with other cats. Mosspaw doesn't have a lot of ambition like most cats, but does want to become stronger, he doesn't want to be deputy or leader though, the responsibilities and nine lives did not interest him. He enjoys the Clan life and occasionally playing with kits if other apprentices or warriors want to get on with their duties.
Appearance:Mosspaw has dark blue long hind legs while his forelegs and pelt are dark blue. He has big ears and a short tail that helps him balance easier. Mosspaw's claws are thorn sharp and are a little longer then most cats have. He has a gray chest and a long thick coat that helps keep him warm during the winter. This tom also has a short muzzle and long whiskers. His eyes are different colors, the one on the right is blue and the left is green. Mosspaw has razor sharp teeth and a pink nose and tongue. His belly fur isn't as thick as the rest of his coat and his tail is a dark blue. His paws are a regular size along with his yes. Mosspaw has black pads with tufts of fur growing out in between his pads.
Biography: Mosspaw's mother died in birthing him, and he hasn't had much happen to him, nothing to special. He mainly aspires to help his Clan, nothing more.
Family: None.
Aspirations: To be the most loyal warrior.
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Rainpaw and Lizardpaw (DC) and Mosspaw (SC)
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