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 Meet Hellkit of Dustclan

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PostSubject: Meet Hellkit of Dustclan   Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:56 pm

(First off, if his name is inappropiate please tell me and I can easily change it Very Happy )
Name: Hellkit
Age: Unknown: looks around 5 moons
Pelt: Completly black
Eyes: Red
Body:Skinny with a skinny tail, not a lot of fluff on him.
Personality: Mental-insaine, over protective, keeps to him-self.
Background: He was originaly from a different clan: Bloodclan. That was before his life was destroyed. His friends and family were killed, leaving him barly alive. He was originaly going to be the next leader, after Bone. He was rewarded a bone mask. He wheres it all the time. Bloodclan got into a war between its self. His whole intire life was destroyed. He set out to get away from the danger. He ended up wondering into Dustclan territory. A boarder patrol found him half-alive and took him to the camp. They let him live in Duskclan, seeing it looked like he was put through so much he was named Hellkit. To this day he always wheres his bone mask, never revealing his face.
I hope this is not off topic. If something is wrong with this character please notify me and I will change it. Have a nice day! sunny
P.S. Misery is a magical unicorn!
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Meet Hellkit of Dustclan
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