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..Unleash The Wild Cat Within..

Two Clans, One Forest. Its A Fight For Survival. Which Paths Are You Going To Take?
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 τɾαïṉώɾεсќ øƒ ḋυṡτсlαṉ

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PostSubject: τɾαïṉώɾεсќ øƒ ḋυṡτсlαṉ   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:50 pm

Name: Trainwreck

Age(In Moons Please!): Fourteen moons

Gender: Female

Fur Color: Albino

Eye Color: She suffers from albanism, therefore her eyes are drained of pigment and appears to be a light pink color.

Personality: Trainwreck, despire her deceiving name, is actually quite the joker. She can be the life of the party, but she can additionally be the downer. She tends to get upset rather easily and can take things personally, and she nearly always assumes that she is being vicitimized. When she is angry, she goes bizerk and it is then that you should be afraid of her.

Clan: DustClan

Rank: Warrior

Mate: None

Kits: None


Extras: This is a possible work in progress as it is nearly three in the morning where I am and I'm about to fall asleep on my laptop. That being said, good night and please approve. <3
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Our EPIC members!
Our EPIC members!

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PostSubject: Re: τɾαïṉώɾεсќ øƒ ḋυṡτсlαṉ   Tue Jan 15, 2013 7:42 pm

awesome work! approved!
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τɾαïṉώɾεсќ øƒ ḋυṡτсlαṉ
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