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 Everything starts with a dot... || Kandinskyimpression of DustClan

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PostSubject: Everything starts with a dot... || Kandinskyimpression of DustClan   Fri Jan 25, 2013 3:38 pm

Character Name:

Character Age:
36 moons


Currently in DustClan


Kandinsky's pelt is certainly a work of art. It is a white colour with spots of various sizes that are a light grey shade. His eyes are a stunning shade of forest green, surrounded by a subtler olive colour. Kandinskyimpression has a small scar on his right shoulder from a kithood fight that got a little.... Brutal. He is of a large and muscular build, this gives him a natural advantage when he fights.

Kind, sweet and loyal, Kandinskyimpression makes a great friend and companion to those who want him around. He is smart and can think quickly under pressure. Despite all of this, Kandinsky is quite lazy in the early morning and is like a 'bear with a sore head and a big temper' if you do something to annoy him or wake him up before the sun rises; he isn't a morning person in the slightest.

He likes the sun, lazing around when he has nothing to do, a full belly and a good friendship.
--- Dislikes:
Kandinsky doesn't like early morning, loud noises and cats who think they know it all.
He is a valuable fighter and a quick thinker.
He isn't that great at hunting (his paws step a little too loudly), or running either. Also, Kandinskyimpression's morning temper can sometimes get the better of him...

Kandinsky was born to two respectable Clan members, Snowfoot and Ashtail. As a kit he was quite withdrawn, preferring to stay beside his mother. Apprenticeship seemed to bring him out of his shell a little bit. Not much though, as he tended to stay by close friends and his sister Matissepaw. A few days before he was due to become a warrior, Matisse went missing and couldn't be found anywhere. Kandinsky became Kandinskyimpression and the ceremony went without a single hitch. Since his sister's disappearance, he seems to have become a brother and a friend to all that need his comfort.

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Our EPIC members!
Our EPIC members!

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PostSubject: Re: Everything starts with a dot... || Kandinskyimpression of DustClan   Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:51 pm

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Everything starts with a dot... || Kandinskyimpression of DustClan
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