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..Unleash The Wild Cat Within..

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 My roleplaying cats (new Kuroneko77)

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PostSubject: My roleplaying cats (new Kuroneko77)   Thu May 09, 2013 9:42 pm

Name: Gray
Appearence: A light gray tom with gray eyes. He has darker gray ears, chest, bell, paws, and stripes.
Kin: None
Friends: Souless, Night, and Silent
Personality: Quiet, very kind and won't force an opinion. tends to be straight forward.
Other: Starts from scratch after death. Can remember past lives.

Name: Souless
Appearence: A dark gray tom with blue eyes. He has light gray stipes.
Kin: Silent (sister)
Friends: Night, and Gray
Peronality: Very quiet and shy. Doesn't like large groups.
Other: Has wings

Name: Night
Appearence: A black tom with light gray stripes and paws. Has light blue eyes.
Kin: None
Friends: Souless, Gray, Silent, and any other she-cats
Personality: A very energetic an flirty cat. Acts vain an random moments.
Other: Can sense others negative feelings. Had a troubled past.

Name: Silent
Appearence: Silver she-cat with gray stripes. Has blue eyes.
Kin: Souless (brother)
Friends: Night and Gray
Personality: Same as brother
Other: Has wings
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My roleplaying cats (new Kuroneko77)
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