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..Unleash The Wild Cat Within..

Two Clans, One Forest. Its A Fight For Survival. Which Paths Are You Going To Take?
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 EclipsePaw and OwlishPaw

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PostSubject: EclipsePaw and OwlishPaw   Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:39 pm

Fur: Dark grey with black markings, Lighter underbelly.
Eyes: A bright aqua, Normaly bright. When sick they turn dull.
Personalty: Frisky, Playful, Adventourous, Sassy when angery, Sad, Or Grumpy. She is ongoing, Happy-go-lucky, And kind. She is a neat-freak too!
Mate: Non.
Crush: Unknown.
Kit(s): Nope.
Theme Song(s): Catch me by Demi Lovato, And Come get higher by Matt Nathenson.
Voice: Like Demi Lovatos, Yet a bit more cheery and happy.
Fur length: Extremely long.
Breed: Munchkin, Pursian mix.
Sister(s): OwlishPaw.
Brother(s): Non.
Father: Unknown.
Mother: Unknown.
Other: Non
Mentor: Unknown
Clan: DustClan
Fur: Dark grey, Darker underbelly with Darker markings.
Eyes: Bright Neon Green.
Personalty: Happy-go-lucky, Friendly, Adventureous, Mysterious, Neat, Frisky, Playfull, Slightly Sassy.
Mate: Nope.
Kit(s): Nope.
Crush: Unknown.
Voice: Sounds like Christena Perry
Fur Length: Normal Medium.
Breed: Munchkin, Pursian Mix.
Sister(s): EclipsePaw
Brother(s): Non
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Clan: DustClan
Mentor: Unknown
Other: She has a weird desire to fly like owls and often is found outside during the night stalking a owls shadow, Watching in pure awe. She has weird bones in her neck that allows her to swivle her head around and around like an owl. She does try and sleep during the day, But Patrols must go out, Hunting must be done, And she's normaly tired because of her lack of sleep from her wild adventures with the owls.

Is this good? I am realistic and Lit, And I made both cats before I joined. I thought it would be fun to join with them though. So, Am I in or what?
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EclipsePaw and OwlishPaw
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