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 Golden, Silver, Sunny and Bronze would like to join DustClan

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PostSubject: Golden, Silver, Sunny and Bronze would like to join DustClan   Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:32 pm

Hello! I'm Golden, and these are my sisters, Sunny and Silver, and my brother, Bronze. We were playing in the meadow when a scary cat came up to us and yelled at us about being there. He also told us to come see Wolfstar if we wanted to continue playing there. So, here we are! We already know that this is DustClan, and that you are the Clan cats. Silver, Bronze and I would like to join the Clan, even though we would have to leave our parents to live here. Here's who we are:
Me (Golden)= An 8-moon-old golden tabby she-cat with deep amber eyes. I'm pretty brave, and I always try to tell the truth, even though it hurts sometimes. Sadly, I fight with my siblings a lot and I'm usually the cause of the problem, but I am trying to fix that.
Sunny= An 8-moon-old golden tabby she-cat with green eyes. She's the best hunter out of all of us, and she's really fast. She got kidnapped when she was really little, but she's back in our den now. She's hotheaded, like me, but a little bit angrier. (going to be roleplayed by my IRL sister, puffbunny82)
Silver=An 8-moon-old almost-silver she-cat with dark green, almost blue eyes. She's really shy and quiet, but is a pretty good fighter when she wants to be. Sometimes, though, her quietness can get her held out of something or in trouble. She's also pretty timid. (I'm putting her up for adoption if anyone wants to rp as her b/c I don't want Golden to be doing something with her sister and me just doing it all.)
Bronze=An 8-moon-old tom with a coppery pelt and eyes like mine. He's brave too, and really outgoing. Sometimes he doesn't trust cats though, and then he's hostile and really could injure some cat if we don't stop him quick enough. (I'm putting him up for adoption too, for the same reasons as Silver.)
My brother and sisters and I would love to join your Clan. Can we, please? We might bring in some other cats, too, because our little sisters might want to join. But we won't tell them about you if you don't want us too. Thanks in advance,
-Golden and friends.
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Our EPIC members!
Our EPIC members!

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PostSubject: Re: Golden, Silver, Sunny and Bronze would like to join DustClan   Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:07 pm

Dust clan will be lucky to have u
,Echostar leader of RockClan
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Golden, Silver, Sunny and Bronze would like to join DustClan
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