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 Warrior cat ranks

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PostSubject: Warrior cat ranks   Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:39 pm

The following are the ranks for the clans. Smile

Rogue: A cat not living with two-legs, or in a clan.

Kitty pet: Cat that lives with humans.

Kit: The kit has basically no power at all in the Clan, which makes sense, because kits are only from 0-6 moons old. Anyone can scold a kit, but it is considered impolite to do so unless you are a leader, the kit's mother, or the medicine cat. Kits stay in the nursery with the other queens and kits until they are 6 moons old.

Apprentice: Apprentices are the next rank up from kits, and range from 6 moons old to about 1 year old. Apprentices have a higher status than kits, but once again can be scolded by almost anyone. But now, as an older cat they are expected to be able to do tasks for the elders and other warriors who need things done.

Medicine cat apprentice: Medicine cat apprentices are regarded in basically the same manner as other apprentices, except, when the time calls, they can be talked to like they were a full medicine cat.

Warrior: Warriors are the general rank of the cats in a Clan. They are given tasks mainly by the leader or deputy, and sometimes the medicine cat. They hunt, fight, and patrol and are now full-grown cats.

Mentor: Mentors are normal warriors/senior warriors who have been chosen to train an apprentice. As well as training they do the normal warrior duties, and will return to being a warrior once their apprentice has been deemed worthy of the warrior status.

Elders: An retired leader or warrior.

Queens: Queens are she-cats expecting or nursing kits. Full-time queens are almost always in the nursery and they take care of other she-cats kits, if the mother does not wish to stay in the nursery. Queens are rarely assigned warrior duties, unless they choose to be given them. Only in the most desperate times will queens have to defend the Clan, and usually warriors from other Clans do not attack them unless necessary.

Medicine cat: Medicine cats take care of ill cats, and also do some warrior duties if necessary. There can only be one medicine cat, or two, if a medicine cat apprentice becomes medicine cat before the other medicine cat joins StarClan. Medicine cats frequently get omens from StarClan. Medicine cats are not allowed to have mates or kits.

Deputy: The deputy of a Clan is the second-in-command. If the leader dies, then the deputy takes his/her place. The deputy assigns other warriors their duties (patroling, hunting, etc.) and helps the leader with their decisions. Except for the leader and medicine cat, everyone has to listen to the deputy.

Leader: The leader is the cat who leads the Clan; anything the leader says, goes. Leaders are to recieve nine lives from StarClan as well as their leader name (the first part of their name with 'star' at the end) before they can make any true decisions. The leader of a Clan represents that Clan at gatherings, and may also recieve signs from StarClan.
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Warrior cat ranks
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