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..Unleash The Wild Cat Within..

Two Clans, One Forest. Its A Fight For Survival. Which Paths Are You Going To Take?
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 Duskheart of DustClan

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PostSubject: Duskheart of DustClan   Duskheart of DustClan EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 2:11 am

Name: Duskpaw (Duskheart)
Age: 10 moons
Gender: She-cat
Fur Color/Description: Medium-length, silky, black coat
Markings: Small scar on forehead
Eye Color: Emerald green
Size: Slightly smaller than most she-cats.
Physical Conditions: None
Mental State: Stable
Emotional State: Stable
Breed: Unknown
Mate: None
Mother: Dappledpelt
Father: Whiteclaw
Siblings: Badgerpaw, Stormpaw
Kits: None
Other Family: One or two kittypet aunts/uncles and two Clan uncles. They all have kits.
Clan: DustClan
Rank: Apprentice
Personality: Shy, calm, intelligent, quiet, if you get to know her well: sweet, kind, warm-hearted and feisty. Sometimes too cynical.
History: Duskpaw, then Vanessa, was born as a kittypet. When she was three moons old, her father and mother traveled to DustClan and became warriors.
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Duskheart of DustClan
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