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 Wolfstar: Can I join?

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Wolfstar: Can I join? Empty
PostSubject: Wolfstar: Can I join?   Wolfstar: Can I join? EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 8:38 am

Hi my name is Wolfstar and I would like to join. I am a jet-black she-cat with barely visible stripes of silver fur, two silver paws, and thorn-sharp claws and fangs. I have one blue eye, one green eye, a thirst for adventure, and a father called Hollowpelt. My warrior name was Wolfstone. I was a popular choice for the new deputy when our former deputy, Spottedstone, had fallen into the ravine during a fight. My mother, Raindrop, died shortly after my birth due to Greencough. When my brother and I were kits, my brother, Tallkit, overheard some warriors talking about a fox in our territory, and, thinking that the fox had killed our mother, convinced me into following him to get rid of the fox. He sniffed one or twice, and raced off in one direction, then the other. We had finally reached the den, and it reeked of a horrible smell. I wanted to turn back to Hollowpelt, but Tallkit wouldn’t let me. I reluctantly followed him deep into the den, until I heard him screeching, “Get out! Get out! I’ll hold him off!” I raced back to my father rapidly saying, “Tallkit… He’s in the fox den.” Hollowpelt ran off in that direction, telling me to go warn our leader, but instead, I raced after him. We saw Tallkit staggering out of the den, covered in blood, so we raced him back to Redfur, our medicine cat. Ever since then, I’ve had a strange desire to kill any foxes in or near our territory. I am a fast and sleek fighter, slipping underneath my enemies’ bellies, clawing them until they run away, screeching. I also have been one of the most friendliest cats because I know that all the cats I’m living with will, someday, die. I want them to die thinking that they are loved, not that they are hated.  When I became deputy, our leader, Deerstar, was on her last life. As we were out hunting, with another cat named Stormwing, she got her neck caught in a fox trap. I yowled at Stormwing to get Redfur, and told Deerstar to stop struggling. I tried to comfort her, telling her it will be all right, but I could see that her breaths were becoming more ragged, and her eyes were dulling. I knew that Redfur would be too late. I traveled to the moonstone, alone, and went to receive my nine lives. The first cat was my mother, Raindrop. She gave me a life of strength over weaknesses. The next lives passed by quickly, until the last two. The eighth cat, Spottedstone, gave me a life of agility and quick-thinking, making me want to run all the way to where the sun sets. Then, Deerstar came up to me, looking as good as new, no blood or signs of struggle. She looked healthy and powerful. She stood in front of me, unwavering, and gave me my last life. “I give you a life of hope.”
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfstar: Can I join?   Wolfstar: Can I join? EmptyTue Jan 06, 2015 8:06 pm

Hey guys,

I'm Wolfy. Smile Nice to meet you!

I'm a moderator on this forum, Wildwrriorsrp. This forum closed down back in 2012, yet users still continue to join. The administrators and moderators have left and requested that users stopped coming on here. When this forum here closed, the majority of the members went to GBMP (my forum). Some of the old members from here still roleplay and are now on GBMP.

You're welcome, in fact, we'd love to have you join GBMP which is an active warrior cat (and wolf) roleplay forum. It still has similar rules and plots like this forum.


- Jason / Wolfy.

Wolfstar: Can I join? Dustcl10
WolfStar. Leader of the great and powerful, DustClan.
Description; Sleek stone gray fur, although, heavily scarred. Black stripes, ginger flecks and light yellow eyes.
Mate; Oh, no, not this again. O_O
Kits; None.

I have Roleplayed, RainStar/RainFlight on this account too. They are NOT the same characters. So, please don't treat them the same. Razz

Wolfstar: Can I join? My_fir10Wolfstar: Can I join? Typhlo10
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Wolfstar: Can I join?
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