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 Rainfeather waiting to be approved

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PostSubject: Rainfeather waiting to be approved   Rainfeather waiting to be approved EmptyTue Jul 14, 2015 10:27 am

Hello! I am new to RPG sites, and I still need to be approved. Here is my Warrior OC, Rainfeather:

Name: Rainfeather
Gender: Female
Age: c. 29 moons
Breed: Abyssinan, Nebelung, Bombay mix
Clan: n/a (not currently in a Clan)
Position: Warrior
Appearance: Very dark pelt with a bluish gray tinge. She has a large battle scar on her front left paw. Both her eyes are light blue. Rainfeather has long fur and large ears. Her tail is somewhat long and fluffy. She is named "Rain" because of the drought when she was born. Her brother passed away due to lack of hydration, and so she was named Rainkit in honor of her survival of no rain. The "Feather" part is due to her feathery fur on her tail.

Phew! That's all! (I think...) I am sure this site will be a wonderful experience, and I'm very excited to get started! Thank you so much!
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Rainfeather waiting to be approved   Rainfeather waiting to be approved EmptyMon Jul 20, 2015 9:50 pm

Hey! I saw you just joined this forum.

Unfortunately this forum has closed down.

I used to be a moderator here. One of the administrators from here has helped me make a new forum when this forum closed down back in 2011.

You're more than welcome to join the new forum, it's so much more active and there's a lot more fun plots.

The link is here if you wish to come to the forum: http://grassbeneathmypaws.proboards.com/

~ Wolfy.

Rainfeather waiting to be approved Dustcl10
WolfStar. Leader of the great and powerful, DustClan.
Description; Sleek stone gray fur, although, heavily scarred. Black stripes, ginger flecks and light yellow eyes.
Mate; Oh, no, not this again. O_O
Kits; None.

I have Roleplayed, RainStar/RainFlight on this account too. They are NOT the same characters. So, please don't treat them the same. Razz

Rainfeather waiting to be approved My_fir10Rainfeather waiting to be approved Typhlo10
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Rainfeather waiting to be approved
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